A spring walk in Vienna – Wertheimstein Park

The Wertheimstein Park is a park in the 19th district of Vienna. It was formerly in private possession and came with a villa. The villa houses today the district museum. It’s small but in good condition.

the villa Wertheimstein @Vienna

The park though, just imagine to have these 62.500 m² to yourself? Quite unbelievable nowadays in the city. Such a blessing for us Viennese then that the last daughter of the house of ‘Franziska von Wertheimstein‘ bequeathed the park to the city in 1908 under the condition that it will stay a park forever. Don’t you love it when women have a say?

in memory of Franziska von Wertheimstein who bequeathed the park to the city @Vienna

The park sees, at this time of year (and during lock down especially), a lot of visitors. Nonetheless there is plenty of room to stroll without getting too close to anybody else. We entered through the small side entrance on the Döblinger Hauptstraße, just below the villa. Most of the paths were empty here.

a shadowy path in the Wertheimstein Park @Vienna

another empty path in the park @Vienna

It was so quiet in the lower part of the park that a heron stood in the small pond checking out its surrounding. The bird didn’t mind me taking a picture, maybe he is used to attention from park visitors after all.

a heron in the pond @Vienna

But let’s be honest, I am not interested in the fauna of the parks. I rather enjoy the flora.

magnificent magnolia tree @Vienna

dark pink spring blossoms @Vienna

white blossoms which look like snowballs @Vienna

We passed a naked tree trunk which resembled the tree trunk art work, the sculpture ‘Holy Trinity’, we saw in the Cedars of God.

looks almost like a sculpture @Vienna

But it’s the green lawns, dotted with blooming trees and tulips, which make a walk in this park so enjoyable.

a walk in the Wertheimstein Park @Vienna

an abundance of tulips @Vienna

We even found some tulips rogues hiding in the bushes.

tulip rogues hiding in the bushes @Vienna

Empty lawns and long paths invite you to stretch your legs and feed your senses. And if you need to sit down, along the paths benches wait for you to take a seat.

empty lawns @Wertheimstein Park

We made a wide berth around the children’s playground, but found other visible signs that this park is a haven for them as well.

someone craves the sea @Vienna

The best feature of the park was the insect hotel though

insect hotel @Werheimstein Park

and the eco-friendly outhouse. Have you ever seen anything like it in a park?

eco-friendly outhouse @Vienna

Overall the Wertheimstein Park is full of surprises for old and young. The lower part is quiet and no children could be seen or heard. This changes when you get to the upper part with the play ground and the sports area. Perfect for a sunny afternoon. Yours, Pollybert

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