Lionheart by Sharon K. Penman: Even though I have been reading this already the second time, it’s as good as the first time. What really do we know about the historic figure of Richard Lionheart. Probably not much, except that Sean Connery played him in the 1991 version of Robin Hood. The book is essentially about the crusade, his marriage with Berengaria, and his dealings with Saladin. Richard is such an enigmatic leader, reckless about his own safety, but very prudent when it comes to the lives of his men. It’s a must read for history lovers.


After I Do by Taylor Jenkins Reid: What happens when you meet the love of your life but after 11 years suddenly the love is gone? You take a break in the form of a year apart with not contact and anything goes. Lauren and Ryan are a definitely a nice couple but I didn’t have a lot of interest in them. I loved reading about the secondary characters though, there was a lot more spark in their lives. Still, it was a nice enough read.


Rush Too Far (Rosemary Beach 4) by Abbi Glines: Why, oh why do I never learn of my own mistakes?  A book written from his POV is always a waste of time. This is true for all YA series, at least in my opinion. Correct me if I am wrong. Anyway, reading about the internal monologues of Rush Finlay made me want to scream from time to time. Is that really the image we want to project that young women should look for the caveman? My Rush crush completely evaporated.


We Met in December by Rosie Curtis: I loved everything about this story. The setting in a large Victorian house in London comes with a ‘no-relationship’ clause. How effective do think that is with three women and two men? But it’s not only a love story, the book deals also with self-love and friendship. The secondary characters grew on me, so I was almost disappointed when the main couple got their happy end. Overall a lovely chick lit.


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