Das Augustin

Das Augustin lies in a district which I do not visit often enough. Or to be honest, almost never. Which is a shame since the 15th district has a couple of interesting restaurants. I just need to find the time to go there and the places I want to visit. But on this really warm evening, we sat in the backyard of the restaurant. So you see, I only need someone to organize an evening out.

As nice as the garden is, when it’s hot, no wind cools this courtyard. The air within the walled garden just feels as if it gets thicker and warmer any minute.

courtyard garden @Das Augustin

The menu is all over the place, with classics from the Viennese kitchen and a summer special from Greece and other Mediterranean places. Despite the heat one of our group ordered the vegan ‘meat’ dumplings with sauerkraut and apple-tofu ‘bacon’. I despise vegan dishes which use meat names to describe themselves. There is no such thing as a tofu bacon.

It’s just tofu which might have been smoked, but it never actually touched any bacon to be allowed in a vegan dish. So can we just all get over this craze and start calling things by their real names? Anyway, not really sure what was in the dumplings, but my friend loved them and finished them all. Despite the heat.

vegan ‘meat’ dumplings @Das Augustin

In the end she needed some ice cream though since she felt so hot. The ordered vegan banana split came with caramelized bananas, vegan ice cream, and crunchy flakes. What can I say, I do like whipped cream with my banana split.

vegan banana split @Das Augustin

Two others ordered the falafel-tahini bowl which was rather on the small side. Three puny falafel balls, lettuce leaves, and tahini dressing.

falafel-tahini bowl @Das Augustin

It was tasty though, but pricewise it was on the loosing side. Almost double price of the mini size tortilla which I ordered. Due to the weather I wanted something small and light. What I got was a rather hefty looking open-faced tortilla with lots of chicken, avocado, cheddar cheese, etc. I am not sure if someone though about the pricing for this menu.

mini size tortilla @Das Augustin

Especially when came to the vinegar chips. After the falafel bowl my friend was still hungry and ordered therefore vinegar chips from the menu. One would think they come in vinegar flavor. Think again. This here was a real rip-off.

vinegar chips @Das Augustin

The falafel wrap on the other hand was a winner again. Cheaper than the falafel bowl but at least with fries, so at least you didn’t go hungry after that.

falafel wrap @Das Augustin

We ordered also some watermelon-feta mix as side salad. Since my mini size tortilla was enough to satisfy my cravings that evening, I got mine to go. It was perfectly delicious even the next day, with a nice touch of mint and perfectly seasoned.

watermelon-feta mix @Das Augustin

In conclusion ‘Das Augustin’ is not really the restaurant which makes me want to pilgrim to the outskirts of Vienna. It has some nice dishes on the menu but nothing so special to come again. At least the watermelon salad inspired me to make that home. Das Augustin looks perfectly okay though, if you live right around the corner. But they need to work on their pricing. Service was attentive and checked if you had your Covid related permissions. Yours, Pollybert


Das Augustin
1150 Wien, Märzstraße 67
Tel: +32 1 9821364
Email: info@das-augustin.at
Mon-Fri 17:00-00:30, Sat-Sun: 09:00-00:30

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