Strolling through Znojmo – a small town visit

After spending most of my Saturday ticking off all the sights of Znojmo, I was ready to take in this small town in a more relaxed mode. Not that I had to rush before, but still, sightseeing is something else all together. I love just strolling around a new place without an agenda. Inhaling the atmosphere and getting a feel for a place. This is best done by stopping for a moment, taking stock on what’s around you, and then ordering something to drink.

peach lemonade and tarte @Znojmo

I thought it best to give up any plan I might have and just walk around for a bit. The main focus was on seeing things off the beaten path. This didn’t work right away because I ended up on the ‘House of Arts‘ which is in a beautiful Renaissance building. I was not in the mood for an exhibition although I am sure the building itself is already worth a visit.

House of Arts @Znojmo

I walked back in the direction of the St. Nicholas’ Deanery Church since I had noticed a festival being set up close by.

back to the St. Nicholas’ Deanery Church @Znojmo

The church itself, as mentioned in my last post, is really impressive. Especially the way it sits on top of the hill.

St. Nicholas’ Deanery Church @Znojmo

I then made my way to the lower area of Znojmo, walking do to the river Thaya. From down there the church looked even better.

walking down to the river Thaya @Znojmo

the church from below with vineyards @Znojmo

When the sun was setting, the sky looked as if set aflame.

sunset with the Thaya @Znojmo

But it was the little things that fascinated me in Znojmo. Like this Christian wayside shrine. In the glass box on top sat Jesus’ head. It carries a weird morbid fascination for me.

Christian wayside shrine @Znojmo

the head of Jesus @Znojmo

The next day the weather had turned and I was lucky to escape the rain. Walking through a small alley I saw three arching linking the adjoining houses. I am just not sure what it’s for. For support? No matter, it looks cute.

house connection @Znojmo

Landing again on the main square I finally took a picture of the pillar in the middle of the main square in Znojmo. Not really sure who is on top,

pillar with saints @Znojmo

And if you are too tired to walk there is even a tourist train going around the city. I never noticed where to get on, but saw it once driving outside the old town.

tourist train @Znojmo

There were also a couple of medieval towers, or so they looked to me, which come out of nowhere and seemingly not belong to anything else. So who knows what they are for, in the end they are cool to explore. And this is what vacation is all about. Yours, Pollybert

a tower seemingly appearing out of nowhere @Znojmo

another tower standing around @Znojmo

large tower near the main square @Znojmo

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