The doors of Znojmo

Znojmo has an awful lot of wooden doors. Some of them so big that a carriage must have fit through. Which was probably the reason in the first place to build such huge doors. Most of the doors are made of wood, look rather sturdy, but are also kind of boring. Especially since they all appear to have the same color. Brown. How bland is that?

But still they look inviting. So while they look imposing, some of them also have a homely appeal. Ready to be opened and bid you to come in. Not that this happened though, but still. It’s possible. Anyway, here are my brown door pictures of Znojmo. With one colorful surprise in between. If you look closer though, the door is brown as well.

On the whole the ones I like best though are the overgrown doors. It does look amazing when climber plants use the walls and doors as trellis. One of the doors even looks as if it hasn’t been opened in a while. More room for growth then. Yours, Pollybert

one of the big carriage doors @Znojmo

three dark wooden doors @Znojmo

an iron grille gate with a majestic portal @Znojmo

entrance door and garden door probably right next to each other @Znojmo

looks unused this door @Znojmo

wooden door with quite a lot of details @Znojmo

just a regular brown door @Znojmo

another plain looking door @Znojmo

the brightest door I found @Znojmo

another carriage door @Znojmo

no sure if this door leads anywhere @Znojmo

lovely overgrown door @Znojmo

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