On a recent warm evening we decided rather spontaneously to go for sushi. Or rather Asian fusion cuisine. DiningRuhm has a small terrace, which made it so attractive for us. One has to go with the weather in fall, so every opportunity for sitting outside needs to be used.

We got the gourmet menu, which features a best-of the kitchen has on the menu. Also it gave us time to catch up without wasting a lot of time with exploring the menu. And there is a lot to choose from. We started with drinks and the Mini Taco Variations. One pair with salmon, the other with Yellowtail. Both were delicious, the salmon ones with a bit more spice in the back. The shell crunchy and tasting of Mexico. Really interesting combinations and the perfect introduction of the kitchen.

Pornstar Martini @DiningRuhm

mini tacos with two kinds of filling @DiningRuhm

Next up was an Oyster each styled as Passionfruit Ceviche. The passionfruit overwhelmed the poor little oyster and there was nothing left which tasted of the sea. Quite a shame, because this is what I love about oysters. But it did look good, especially with the dry ice smoke.

Oysters Passionfruit Ceviche Style @DiningRuhm

The foie gras with crispy rice was absolutely amazing. So delicious and would have loved to have a couple more from them. One of those was not enough.

crispy rice with foie gras @DiningRuhm

Also amazing was the Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeño. The sauce, in which the sashimi came bathed, was to die for. I tried to soak up as much as possible with the fish.

sashimi @DiningRuhm

The salmon Karashi Su Miso was another sashimi dish. Despite the Karashi (some kind of mustard) the dish had a rather sweet note. It was either missing a hint of spice or acidity. It was good but not great. We were also told that the salmon was flamed, but would not have noticed that.

salmon sashimi @DiningRuhm

Then we were on to four different kinds of Nigiri. Hamachi Imperial Caviar, Tuna black Truffle, Foie Gras & Salmon, and Lobster Flamed with Creamy Spicy Sauce. All four were amazing, maybe the lobster the least interesting since the sauce was a bit overwhelming. The Nigiri came with Spicy Scallop Maki which were definitely the least interesting thing on the plate. The scallop taste got lost amidst the bursting caviar bubble, was was inside as well. Sadly it tasted mainly of rice, not sure where the spicy part was hanging about.

Nigiri variations with scallop maki @DiningRuhm

a close up of the fabulous Nigiri variations @DiningRuhm

The lobster tail with Yuzu butter needed to be shared unfortunately. I could have eaten that small tail all by myself. Very, very lovely!

lobster tail with Yuzu butter @DiningRuhm

The Black Cod Yuzu Miso was again on the sweet side but better than the salmon dish with miso. The cod was nice and flaky and just a little overpowered by the miso sauce. The presentation was beautiful. The cod was hidden in a leave which we had to open.

cod with miso @DiningRuhm

unwrapped cod with miso @DiningRuhm

The Toban-Yaki, a seared venison filet, with mushrooms and gin Teriyaki, was my least favorite dish of the evening. The flambéing with the gin did little for the taste, the giant oyster mushroom as well lacked a bit of taste. Overall compared to the other dishes it was rather disappointing.

seared venison filet @DiningRuhm

Unfortunately we ended on this disappointing note. The desserts as well were rather on the boring end of the spectrum. The passionfruit Crème brûlée was nice enough, the mango foam on top too much. The Whiskey-Cinnamon Cappuccino consisted of too much vanilla ice cream and not enough coffee cream. the Whiskey was only in the foam in my opinion. And let’s not forget the Mochi Matchi ice cream half, which looked cute, but I could have done without.

dessert variations @DiningRuhm

DiningRuhm is a restaurant which has some really amazing food. Next time I would forgo all main dishes, concentrate on the starters and the Nigiri variations. The table next to us was cleverer about their ordering. They basically went through all Nigiri and Sushi Maki Rolls from the menu. And this is the way to go here. Yours, Pollybert


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Tel: +43 1 9452224
Email: office@diningruhm.at
Tue-Sat: 11:00-14:00; 17:00-22:00

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