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I remember the city of Xian vividly. It was my first stop in China on my three months tour. After an initial uncomfortable feeling of being alone in a place where I didn’t understand the language, I loved the weirdness of China and all it has to offer. Xian has an amazing street food area and honestly I was kind of expecting that from Xian teahouse.

Xian teahouse is located right behind the Augarten. It’s terrace goes out into a large street which is not busy on that summer evening, only the tram passes every couple of minutes. After a while though, you don’t even hear it anymore.

outdoor seating @Xian teahouse

The menu is small, most of it sounds like street food, some more interesting than other. We decide on Jiaozi, Chinese dumplings, and the Sichuan noodles. You will need time for the tea house. Something that’s very unlike anything I ever experienced in China. Our reservation must have gotten lost somewhere, we got a table anyway outside. The waiter disappeared into the kitchen and didn’t come around for at least 20 minutes. Meanwhile we studied the menu, borrowed from the table next to us. When we finally ordered our guy repeated something different, and included a third dish. No matter, here you learn patience and also to appreciate the slow pace. Because that’s the only pace the service has here.

We got Jiaozi first, a plate full of slick little dumplings filled pork and cabbage. The seasoning was excellent with chili oil on the outside and a slight hint of acidity. Unfortunately we shared this dish, so I only got half of it.

Jiaozi @Xian teahouse

Unfortunately the Sichuan noodles never materialized, but the Baozi did. A lot more dough around these, which is probably why they are called a bun. Also made from yeast dough, so it is a different kind. We got a small steam basket with four little buns inside. Too much dough and not enough filling, which was also pork. We never got asked if we wanted the vegetarian version.

Baozi @Xian teahouse

The noodles never came, but at least we had the chance to order a second beer. For the sake I already went inside and carried it outside myself. Honestly, I wouldn’t cross Vienna for an evening at Xian teahouse. But as a neighborhood restaurant, which includes a 20 minutes walk back to my place, I quite like it. This is a place to relax, eat some great dumplings and sip sake. All the makings for a great place. Yours, Pollybert


Xian – teahouse artspace sakebar
1200 Wien, Rauscherstraße 17
Tel: +43 650 3308094
Mon-Sun: 12:00-24:00

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