Finding My Forever (The Beaumont Series Book 3) by Heidi McLaughlin: Finally we got some action in the bedroom. Interesting that I am starting my review with this comment, but after two G-rated books in the series, it’s astonishing that book number 3 finally sees some steamy scenes. Not that Jenna and JD make sense as a couple, but there is definitely lust in the air. The author puts her spin to that and suddenly we have a story instead of a ONS. Whatever, these two are at least fun to read about.


My Everything (The Beaumont Series Book 1.5) by Heidi McLaughlin: This short novella of the Beaumont series should go actually right after ‘Forever My Girl(book 1). I think I never read a book about the ex-boyfriend before. But there is a first for everything. Nick is the quintessential nice guy and as such totally boring. The most exciting thing about him is his young wife Aubrey but even she stays one-dimensional. A time waster in a way, but I finished it while standing in line to board my Ryan Air flight.


The Summer I Turned Pretty by Jenny Han: A YA book how I like it. How I like it a lot. Belly spends every summer with her mother Laurel and brother at her mother’s BFF house close to the beach. Susannah’s two sons, Conrad and Jeremiah, form the rest of this group. When Belly turns 16 her summer is changed forever. The author, Jenny Han, knows how to write and engage the reader, as shown with “To all the boys I’ve loved before”. Lovely book!


It’s Not Summer Without You (Summer Book 2) by Jenny Han: Book two of the summer trilogy didn’t disappoint. The love triangle between Belly and the two brothers Conrad and Jeremiah suddenly gets a new dimension. Being 16 is definitely not an easy age, at that time everything is so important and can turn into a drama. I loved that in this book, the confusion of Belly’s feelings come across as really realistic. There is always so much drama. Really, really good book.


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