Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982 by Cho Nam-Joo: I was not sure what to expect of this story about a young Korean woman. In the end it turned out to be a profile of the systematic suppression of women in Korea. Even though the problems get acknowledged, they still persist. Apparently in the Korean society men still count more than women. Not that this is any different in the western world, but maybe not on such a level. It’s weird and disturbing and I need to read up on this. Lots of food for thoughts!


Time After Time by Lisa Grunwald: A love story is always for the ages. And this one transcends decades. The meeting of Joe and Nora seals their fate and with it their tie to Grand Central Terminal. GCT becomes their placid work but also home. Not only is ‘Time after Time’ a great love story but it’s also about how much you are willing to sacrifice for the other. Sometimes it’s so much more than you expected. Lovely book.


Forever My Girl (The Beaumont Series 1) by Heidi McLaughlin: What happens when your first love, after an absence of ten years, comes back into your life? And that at a time when you have finally said yes to your current boyfriend. I quite liked the two main characters, Josie and Liam, but honestly couldn’t get over the fact that Liam was a major douche in hindsight. There was never any reason for him to leave in the first place. Still, a lot better than the film.


My Unexpected Forever (The Beaumont Series 2) by Heidi McLaughlin: The first book in the Beaumont series, ‘Forever my Girl’, was quite the quick and enjoyable read. Funnily enough the second one was rather taxing. As much as I liked the one-sided, instant attraction, so wearisome was the story to follow. It took Harrison and Katelyn forever to get together and even then it wasn’t smooth sailing. Also the backstory didn’t make much sense to me. It feels as if the author wanted to get as much out of the success of the first book as possible.


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