The House in the Cerulean Sea by T.J. Klune: I just loved this story! The ‘dangerous’ magical children in the orphanage are just brilliant. Well drawn and with great depth, each and everyone of the six characters. But so are Linus Baker and Arthur Parnassus, their relationship tender and special. As is the story. Which gives you a lot to think about, like how prejudiced we all are. Different means just that. Not dangerous. What a great book!


12 Days of Forever (The Beaumont Series) by Heidi McLaughlin: I guess I should never have started with the Beaumont series because by now I am in too deep to stop. Not that these characters are so interesting, but they kind of grow on me. So here is the story of Yvie, Harrison’s (book #2) sister, and Xander, who is the personal trainer of JD (book #3). In this novella they meet over a Christmas vacation and feel right away very attracted to each other. I like that the end is open in a way, so there must be more of them in the books ahead. So on to the next book in the series.


From the Corner of the Oval Office by Beck Dorey-Stein: A first-hand description of the Obama administration and life within the ‘bubble’. I loved reading about all the traveling and the man himself. Oftentimes I found myself googling some reference. This was the entertaining part. The personal story of Beck gets quite boring after a while. The affair with Jason dragged on although everyone knew this was a dead end. Still, worth reading.


People We Meet on Vacation by Emily Henry: This is already my second book from the author, the first one being ‘Beach Read’. I really, really loved reading this book, the story about Alex and Poppy is charming, her traveling obsession something I can relate to, and their friendship so heart-warming. The writing is spot on and keeps you hooked until the wee hours of the night. So glad I read it on vacation to give in to the urge to keep on reading. Absolutely lovely book.


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