Breakfast at Café Bellaria

Café Bellaria has so far evaded all my lists. It needed therefore an email reminder that it has recently seen an update. The former owner retired and after some restorations the new owners opened last July. It has turned into an almost ‘allday’ (until 4pm on weekends) breakfast place with a variety of eggs Benedict combinations. As much as I love this dish I start to get bored that every restaurant in Vienna serves them now. Suddenly it’s nothing special anymore, but almost a Viennese breakfast staple.

first coffee of the day @Café Bellaria

The dining room inside Café Bellaria looks inviting with a large bar and seating around, light streams in from large windows on two sides, and an interesting light fixture on the ceiling. The tables though stand very close, something I hated already before the pandemic. Who really wants to listen to their neighbors talking or worse, see them eating? But never mind, as one of the oldest coffeehouses in Vienna, Café Bellaria has got a new lease on on life. Quite an achievement for an establishment which has been around since more than 150 years.

dining room @Café Bellaria

Since I was suddenly tired of eating eggs Benedict, I ordered the “All Day Breakfast Sandwich” with Tamagoyaki (Japanese omelette), ham, crispy Bacon, avocado, spinach, and chili-mayonnaise. The sandwich is huge and is more than a meal. It comes cut in half and wrapped in paper, which helped with the eating. After one half I was more than full and passed the second half on to my friend. The sandwich itself is okay, the bread slightly toasted, the filling tasty, and the chili-mayo comes on the side. I used it for dipping. Without the sauce the whole thing would have been a bit bland.

all day breakfast sandwich @Café Bellaria

My friend orders the regular eggs Benedict which come here with bacon on an English muffin. Interestingly he found the whole thing rather boring. Cannot say I agreed with him. When I cut into the egg, it’s nice and runny and the whole dish comes together. The sauce Hollandaise is definitely home-made and has a nice acidity. I quite liked the eggs Benedict here. Maybe I need to come back to try them for myself.

eggs Benedict @Café Bellaria

Café Bellaria has a nice enough concept but one gets the feeling that new places in Vienna all look the same. Breakfast was good though, the menu is kind of foreseeable and limited. I am glad though that we had breakfast already at 9am, I don’t want to eat here when the place is full. It’s just not en vogue anymore to group the tables so close together. Yours, Pollybert


Café Bellaria
1010 Wien, Bellariastraße 6
Tel: +43 (0)1 522 60 85
Mon-Wed: 07:30-24:00, Thu: 07:30-01:00, Fri: 07:30-02:00, Sat: 09:00-02:00, Sun: 09:00-24:00

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