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Chinese food, aside from your typical restaurant dishes like Chow Mein and Sweet and Kung Pao Chicken, can be really good. After traveling to China three times I can honestly say I enjoyed the street food as well as everything else I got in the restaurants. Chinese food is rich in flavor and variety. So great to hear then that Shanghai Restaurant got a menu overhaul under new ownership. You can get now fine dining with local products. The interior, a classic Chinese look which I haven’t ever seen in this form in China, stayed the same.

dining room @Shanghai restaurant

I got fried spring rolls. At Shanghai restaurant the meat version comes with black pudding and cabbage, apple chutney on the side. The roll is hot and greasy, the dough flaky and very crunchy, and the filling delicious. The chutney was a bit on the stingy side, and I could have eaten another roll as well. One is not enough here. Delicious!

fried spring roll with black pudding @Shanghai restaurant

My friend ate the vegan hot and sour soup. It looked thick and full of vegetables and tofu goodness. She really liked it a lot.

hot and sour soup @Shanghai restaurant

As a main dish we got twice the Mapo Tofu, one of my favorite Chinese dishes. Once as vegan version and one time with meat. It came in an enjoyable heat level with the Szechuan pepper as shining star. This is such a great meal!

Mapo Tofu with meat @Shanghai restaurant

The Gongbao Chicken was not such a winner. It got mediocre marks and my friend didn’t make any enthusiastic noises about it. There were a lot of cashew nuts on top, not my favorite topping on any dish. In any case the menu offers some tasty dishes, so I am sure there are more interesting choices.

Gongbao chicken @Shanghai restaurant

I haven’t been to a Chinese restaurant in ages, which is a shame since the food is so diverse. Shanghai restaurant was good a reminder of that. Will definitely be back for more. Yours, Pollybert


Shanghai restaurant
1010 Wien, Jasomirgottstrasse 6
Tel: +43 1 5337419
Mon–Sat: 11:30–14:30, 17:30–23:00

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