The doors of Lithuania

Most of the doors in Lithuania I saw were sturdy wooden doors. But some came in plain iron, maybe tagged with a small likeness of R2D2, and some were intricate iron grill garden doors. I couldn’t withstand to not take pictures of these as well, and share them with you. They all tell a story about Lithuania. Also some really beautiful doors come from churches, usually doors I do not feature in my posts. But the ones I saw in Lithuania had a special appeal to me, so I figured I will just show them to you. And since the last two years brought changes for all of us, why not change the way I show my doors? Yours, Pollybert

portal St. Virgin Maria’s Church @Vilnius

I have no idea what this iron grille is for, it looks a bit lost @Siauliai

my favorite door @Klaipeda

wooden door with interesting pattern @Vilnius

bright wooden door with glass work @Klaipeda

plain wooden door with large detail above @Vilnius

what a special carved door @Klaipeda

another wooden door with beautiful glass roof @Vilnius

modern door and round window @Kaunas

The next picture is rather unusual as well to get featured in my door post, since you can”t see the door close up. But I really liked the portal with the four pillars and the statues on top.

impressing portal @Kaunas

sturdy iron door in brick building @Vilnius

entrance gate to the library in iron grille @Vilnius

wooden door with a Roman God on top @Kaunas

iron grille with a coat of arms @Vilnius

wooden door with floral detail @Klaipeda

a door in Bauhaus style @Kaunas

The entrance to St. Anne’s Church has an intricate pattern @Vilnius

simple wooden door with small overhead @Siauliai

iron door with R2D2 @Kaunas

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