The Legacy (Off-Campus Book 5) by Elle Kennedy: A ‘What-happens-after’ novella to all four books in the Off-Campus series. I really enjoyed the series and it was so much fun catching up with all the chapters again. Sure it was cheesy and corny, but a little bit of schmaltz hasn’t hurt anyone. Especially when it comes to YA literature. Because weren’t we all like this? Always a bit too over-the-top? It rounded out the series nicely in my opinion.


The Perfect Play by Jaci Burton: Reading ‘The Legacy’ reminded me how much I enjoyed a sports romance. So this is what Goodreads came up with and it didn’t disappoint although I might like ice hockey way more than American football. In the end though it was not so much a romance as one spicy bedroom scene after another. There can be too much of a good thing. Because of that the characters felt flat and one dimensional. So even though this is a series I didn’t feel compelled to pick up the next book in line.


The Atomic Weight of Love by Elizabeth J. Church: Sometime during WWII Meri falls in love with her professor Alden. Despite him being 20 years her senior she marries and follows him to Los Alamos where he works on the atomic bomb. It’s the slow deterioration of a marriage due to lack of appreciation which fascinated me. And the wonderful observations and information of crows. Who knew that these birds mate for life? Lovely book.


Falling From the Sky (Gravity Book 2) by Sarina Bowen: One rainy afternoon on the couch and I finished this book. Sarina Bowen always delivers when it comes to romance and ‘Falling from the Sky’ was no exception. I quite liked it that there was a little bit more to the story than just girl meets guy and falls in love. Snowboarding in Vermont and the hazards of jumping leave Hank paralyzed and Callie still is attracted to him. This made for a really great story and I liked the spark between these two.


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