Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone (Outlander Book 9) by Diana Gabaldon: My heart is full with so much love for the Outlander series. Even though this is book #9 and I’ve waited apparently over seven years, I am just happy to be back with Jamie and Claire. I couldn’t remember that Bree and Roger were back on the ridge, but never mind. Twenty pages into the book I felt right at home. Not much happened though, except the war went one, children were born, the extended family of Jamie and Claire grew. Overall it’s a set up for book #10. Let’s just hope it will not be the last one.


Forever Our Boys (The Beaumont Series 5.5) by Heidi McLaughlin: Finally I made it through all of the Beaumont series, at least the first generation. I have a slight suspicion, after reading a preview at the end of this novella that story is going on. But at least this novella was short, although I can’t say that I see the point whatever for it was written? There is nothing new and nothing dramatic revealed in it, plus it ends on a cliffhanger.


The Lost Queen (The Lost Queen Trilogy 1) by Signe Pike: To be honest, when I saw the detailed character overview I felt dazed. So many people, so many difficult names like the twins Lailoken and Languoreth the two main characters. But then the story picks up right away and I felt transported to Scotland or rather Strathclyde as this area was then called. Despite ‘The Lost Queen’ being a fictional book, it has a historic truth in it. The main characters existed and Lailoken was probably the famed Merlin from the Arthurian Legend.


1913: Der Sommer des Jahrhunderts by Florian Illies: Since the book is from a German author most of the tidbits are about Austrian and German artists, writers, poets, but not exclusively. You can also read about the first edition of Vanity Fair in January or the opening of  the Prada shop in October. But it’s the small stuff about German speaking intelligentsia was makes the book so entertaining. Lots of gossip on a higher level.


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