Breakfast at The Long Hall

Finding a breakfast place on a Sunday and even more so on the third day of the new year is quite a challenge. But I was up for it and booked us a table at The Long Hall, an Irish pub with a really nice terrace seating. Just not in winter. Besides that the pub has another handicap at the moment. The road in front of it is under construction due to the underground extension. Not sure how long the construction will go on, but it looks as if it might take awhile.

terrace in winter @The Long Hall

On this Sunday the place was completely empty when we arrived. We still got asked for our reservation. At least we then got a table in the sunniest room of the pub. The place was humongous and even though we sat right in the middle of the pub, open on two sides, it felt like the best room of the place. Still, the pub has charm of a waiting hall.

coffee time @The Long Hall

The menu is straightforward with the usual Eggs Benedict in different versions, full Irish breakfast, and a couple of extras. For lack of anything exciting I ordered the Eggs Benedict in the royal version, with avocado and salmon. Honestly, I shouldn’t have done that.

I disliked this combination already once, and the second experiment didn’t convince me either. The combination was too sour without the liquid egg yolk. Maybe it’s the ready-made avocado spread or the subpar salmon. But also the sauce Hollandaise had a strong acidity and I couldn’t find the buttery flavor anywhere. Also with the brioche underneath. The whole thing stuck to my gums. This was a not good start into the new year and I really need to swear off these kind of eggs. What I mean is, that I cannot recommend the Eggs Royale.

Eggs Royale @The Long Hall

The full Irish breakfast confirmed my impression from the eggs. Most of what appeared on that plate was convenience food. Starting with the hash-browns, the white and black pudding, the sausages, and ending with the bread. Except for the egg nothing seemed to be cooked on site. My friend was not impressed, especially with the lonely egg and the two different kind of puddings.

full Irish breakfast @The Long Hall

I really enjoyed The Long Hall in summer, sitting outside and drinking a beer. The place inside lacks warmth and comfort so that any wish to linger evaporates almost immediately. The food falls flat as well, but if you want to party in the morning, their brunch deal is amazing. A fixed price for one breakfast dish and unlimited beverages, including alcohol. Yours, Pollybert


The Long Hall
1080 Wien, Florianigasse 2
Tel: +43 1 2951080
Mon-Thu: 14:00-01:00, Fri: 14:00-02:00, Sat: 10:00-02:00, Sun: 10:00-01:00

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