Breakfast at Hansen – update

What I like about Restaurant Hansen is its location. It’s inside the former stock exchange, which is a beautiful old building, and it is within walking distance from my apartment. All of that makes it an ideal breakfast spot. The restaurant shares the basement with the shop Lederleitner, which concentrates on all the beautiful things in life, but mostly flowers in this location. The setting is perfect for a relaxed start into the weekend.

dining room @Restaurant Hansen

I decided to order á la carte instead of a breakfast combination. Two eggs in a glass, a slice of bread with chive, and bacon roasted with rosemary was my desire that morning. The eggs were lovely, maybe a touch too long in the water, on the other perfectly peeled which only works if the egg white is firm enough. The bacon as usual the highlight. Couldn’t really say that I tasted the rosemary, but the needles were visible. The slice of bread with chive though was a disappointment. The color and taste of pumpernickel instead of the usual sourdough bread. And also too sweet. This didn’t work at all for me.

boiled eggs, bacon, and bread with chive @Restaurant Hansen

My friend got the Eggs Benedict, which looked excellent. The sauce Hollandaise had a great color, spinach and bacon visible, and some pea shoots on top.The weak point was again the bread. Apparently it tasted like rusk and didn’t work with the buttery sauce, or so I was told. There was also too much spinach, in short he wouldn’t order it again. Which seems like a shame since the dish looks very pretty.

Eggs Benedict @Restaurant Hansen

The service was nice enough, maybe a bit on the sloppy side when it comes to checking the green pass. But the restaurant is big enough and quite empty at this time of the day to feel comfortable and relaxed. Overall I liked it, despite the food being far from great. The restaurant has a nice setting and the flowers from next ‘door’ give it such a great vibe. Yours, Pollybert


Restaurant Hansen
1010 Wien, Wipplingerstrasse 34
Tel: +43 1 5320542
Mon-Fri: 09:00-22:00, Sat: 09:00-16:00

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