Feldkirch – dinner in a medieval town

Since Liechtenstein’s currency is the Swiss Franc almost everything is weirdly expensive. My friend had told me about that but I couldn’t really believe it until I paid for an unpleasant lunch an exorbitant price. Perfect then that my friend reserved a table a the Wirtschaft zum Schützenhaus in Feldkirch to have dinner right after I got off the train. Feldkirch is the nearest train station to Vaduz, a mere 20 minutes drive. When it comes to money though, it’s worlds away.

The Schützenhaus has a rustic looking dining hall, but rather comfortable. We got a big table for the two of us, which had a bench on two sides. I love a good bench, makes for very comfortable seating.

dining room @Wirtschaft zum Schützenhaus

The food is typical Austrian, lots of meat, a few fish dishes, and a lone vegetarian dish. There are also some seasonal or themed dishes available, I think Alsace was the motto when we were there. In the end though, I didn’t want to eat a Flammkuchen, but rather something typical. So I got a ‘Zwiebelrostbraten‘, a slice of roast beef topped with fried onions, green beans, and roasted potatoes. Not a light dish for the evening, but so tasty!

Zwiebelrostbraten @Schützenhaus

The potatoes came on the side so to stay crispy, heaps of delicious onions, a tender slab of meat, and a savory gravy. The green beans with bacon rounded it all up. Very, very good dinner.

My friend got the fried chicken, three big pieces in a basket, and some potato salad on the side. She loved it, I mean it’s fried chicken. When done well, what’s not to love? Crispy on the outside, juicy and tender on the inside. Both dishes were delicious and made for a great start into the weekend in Liechtenstein.

fried chicken @Schützenhaus

Feldkirch was not only our dinner destination for both nights that I stayed in Vaduz, we also manage to squeeze in a walk around the old part. Feldkirch has some attractions of which I have seen none. But at least I walked for a bit in the center and it’s beautiful. Come to thin of it, maybe it even warrants another trip.

not sure what’s the name of the church @Feldkirch

beautiful house right next to the church @Feldkirch

another marvel @Feldkirch

Marktplatz @Feldkirch

After an aperitif in a bar somewhere on Marktplatz we drove to iX Restaurant, which is right next to the train station. This Asian restaurant serves street food according to their website but on closer look, it’s less street and more a mix of sushi, Chinese and Vietnamese dishes, as well as Poke Bowls. The menu is basically all over the place. The dining room is dark, all in black, and super busy. Which is natural, the place only opened last summer.

bar and dining room @iX Bar and Restaurant

We shared the edamame, kimchi, and Japanese cabbage salad for a starter. All three were nice enough and promising of better things to come.

Japanese cabbage salad, edamame, kimchi @iX Bar and Restaurant

As main course we each got a bowl, one Ahi Poke bowl with tuna and the other with crispy sesame chicken. Both sounded exciting but shared a lot of the same ingredients like crunchy onions, roasted corn, cress, avocado, and chili mayo dressing. The only difference was the protein and the tuna came with pineapple, while the chicken had some red cabbage on the side.

Crispy sesame chicken and Ahi Poke bowls @iX Bar and Restaurant

Both bowls were okay, but not that special. Maybe I am just spoiled because I live in a big city which has different places with bowls to choose from. The sameness in look and taste of these two bowls kind of irritated me. But the beer was good and the evening overall wonderful. So no complaints from my side. Yours, Pollybert


Wirtschaft zum Schützenhaus
6800 Feldkirch, Göfiser Straße 2
Tel: +43 5522 85290
Email: wirtschaft@schuetzenhaus.at
Mon,Thu-Fri: 17:00-24:00, Sat: 10:00-24:00, Sun: 10:00-22:00


iX Bar and Restaurant
6800 Feldkirch, Bahnhofstraße 44
Tel: +43 5522 2213370
Email: hello@ix-moments.at
Tue-Sat: 17:00-23:00

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