A weekend in Liechtenstein

Have you ever thought about spending a weekend in Liechtenstein? Me neither. On the one hand, I have already been there eons ago and I always figured, there is no need to see it twice. I mean Liechtenstein is a micro state, with an area of 160 square kilometers and a population of about 38k. On the other hand, it has a prince as the head of state and it’s a billionaire tax haven. So when my friend moved to Liechtenstein for work, I decided it was time for another visit. I do have to disappoint you though. There was not one billionaire in sight and the current Prince has been married for ages.

here lives the prince with his family @Vaduz

Despite its rather puny size, Liechtenstein is Europe’s fourth smallest state, the country has eleven municipalities and a capital. And Vaduz was the place I was headed for, since there was no hotel near my friend’s place. The Hotel Vaduzerhof is right in the center of Vaduz, actually everything is in the center, and is a good base from which to explore Vaduz. Not that this will take such a long time. There is the main street with a number of galleries, some museums, and the regional government building which looks like a church at first glance.

the city hall of Vaduz @Liechtenstein

walking along the main street of Vaduz @Liechtenstein

Sculptures in the street from the Kunstmuseum Liechtenstein in Vaduz invite you to climb up and touch them all.

sculptures in the street @Vaduz

too high up for me the men in red @Vaduz

open door policy at least when it comes to art @Vaduz

What looks like a church is actually the parliament of Liechtenstein. Quite beautiful in a way this building, even though also quite extra.

parliament of Liechtenstein @Vaduz

The government sits right next to the parliament and the building has some very decorative murals in front.

seat of the government @Vaduz

That was it for Vaduz. After exploring the town we decided to head up to the castle. Because of course the prince lives on top and has the best view of all. It’s actually a little work out getting up there.

trudging up to the castle @Vaduz

Once up there is viewpoint below the castle so that all the ‘little people’ can see to what the prince wakes up to every day. not too shabby I think.

the view from the castle hill @Vaduz

But of course there is another turn until you come level with the castle. I mean, there has to be a difference between a reigning monarch and his subjects.

getting close to the castle @Vaduz

Like any good tourist we wanted to have our picture taken in front of the castle. And it does make for a nice backdrop. Yours, Pollybert

PS: For regular people Liechtenstein is absurdly expensive. So instead of spending your money there, head to Austria or Germany and live life to the fullest.

Pollybert and friend @Vaduz

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