Hangar 7 and other adventures in Salzburg

Salzburg is probably my least favorite destination. Not really sure why, but I always get the feeling that this town is one large tourist trap. On the occasion of a friend’s visit from Canada I let myself be persuaded, in exchange for splendid dinner, to travel to Salzburg. We did so in style by train which is by far the most convenient way. The plan was to catch a cab to Hangar 7, where Red Bull houses a  collection of planes, F1 cars, and other assorted means of transportation.

Hangar 7 @Salzburg

Honestly, the exhibition inside is boring but at least it was for free. Some planes were roped off, so you couldn’t even inspect them in detail. All of them had only a little information sheet set out in front of them. After walking around for five minutes and taking a couple of pictures, I was looking for some shade. On this hot summer day the the glass dome felt stifling. AC was on, but of course it can’t keep such scorching heat at bay as we had that day. At least the olive trees felt right at home.

inside @Hangar 7

Because it was rather warm in the exhibition hall, we needed a cold drink and also a bite to eat. The Carpe Diem Lounge – Café looks out into right into the exhibition hall. There we dropped down for a bit and relaxed. Personally seeing the everything from here, would have been alright with me. Cool air and a beer really revived me.

Pollybert finally cooling down @Hangar 7

The hot weather decided also our next stop. The ‘Museum der Moderne‘ sits on top of the Mönchsberg in a modern concrete building which keeps the sun at bay. Already upon entering the elevator area down below I felt refreshed. The exhibition itself, what can I say? I am not at all into modern art and even less so into video installations. So I walked through, eventually stopped looked at some photographs, and was mostly happy about the nice cool atmosphere.

The best part of this museum is the terrace of its restaurant, which has an amazing view on the Festung Hohensalzburg. Next time I will come up here without a visit to the museum. Yours, Pollybert

Festung Hohensalzburg @Salzburg

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