A wintry day in Salzburg

I haven’t been to Salzburg since a couple of years. And apparently I only do so when it’s cold and grey. Nevermind, going to Salzburg is always a nice change of scenery. Even if it is only to eat the best Mozartkugel (a chocolate ball) there is. I am talking about the one from Fürst.

The trip by train takes little more than two hours from Vienna. What a difference a couple of years make. Last time it was still three hours. What a nice surprise, this might motivate me to come again sooner.

From the train station I walked to the center, crossing the Salzach to get to the Getreidegasse. Salzburg is small enough to do everything on foot for a day and not be exhausted.

crossing the Salzach @Salzburg

The Getreidegasse and the surrounding pedestrian area is well worth exploring. Last time I was here I went up to the fortress, this time I stayed below. There was quite a lot of people milling around on this cold Saturday. Even though it’s not the season, Salzburg apparently is always full of tourists.

Getreidegasse @Salzburg

When it is cold like this the best the you can do is to walk around the historic center and get a good look around everything. Right after head to one of the many coffee houses and get yourself a snack.

Residenzplatz, Salzburg

alter Markt, Salzburg

coffee-house Fürst @Salzburg

I decided to give the coffee-house from Fürst a try. And while their Mozart balls might be the best, the service is definitely lacking. Wherever I go in Salzburg I always end up feeling as if they are doing me a favor by serving me. Plus I then get charged exorbitant prices for whatever. As beautiful as the city is, it’s just one big tourist rip-off.

On the way back to the train station I walked through the gardens of the Mirabell Palace. The looked a bit depressing on this wintry day but the flying horse made up for it. Nonetheless as much as I appreciate the faster traveling time, I never feel welcome in Salzburg. Yours, Pollybert

crossing the Salzach again @Salzburg

the flying horse in the Mirabell Garden @Salzburg

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