The flowers of Cahuita

After seeing the flowers of Tortuguero I was more than impressed. But then, when I arrived in Cahuita, I noticed that the flowers of Cahuita were of a different kind. Even though both places are on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, the flowers seemed varied. By then I had already decided that I would treat you and myself to a flower post of each destination. These beauties deserved their own spotlight.

Interestingly enough, most of the flowers of Cahuita come in red tones. Some slightly lighter, more orange-hued, but all of them in quite bright colors. anyway, here we go. Yours, Pollybert

red leaved plant with a tiny yellow flower on top @Cahuita

fragile looking red flower with long stems I think @Cahuita

white flowers with bright red leaves around @Cahuita

orange flower with unopened buds @Cahuita

the flower is long gone, but the seed pod is still on top of the banana @Cahuita

paradise flower @Cahuita

small yellow orange flowers @Cahuita

longer stems than flower head @Cahuita

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