Las Olas

Who would have thought that Cahuita has a restaurant which was worth writing about? Las Olas came recommended by my host of Cabinas Cahuitas. But also the girl I went to dinner with had heard about it from her AirBnB host. So with two recommendations for Las Olas, we decided to give it a try.

The open air restaurant, protected by a roof against the worst of weather, lies on the Main Road of Cahuita. Despite that, it’s quiet and has almost no traffic which adds to a great dinner experience. Not that the rest of the village is so busy. The main focus of Las Olas is on fish and everything else which comes out of the sea.

dining area @Las Olas

We started with Ceviche. At Las Olas, instead of being served in a cocktail glass, it came styled like a Carpaccio accompanied by garlic bread. Honestly, that was heavenly. The warm bread, the cold ‘cooked’ fish. Absolutely a fantastic combination!

ceviche @Las Olas

We shared octopus and a fresh grilled fish, some kind of bass, as main dish. Both dishes were good although not as exciting as the Ceviche. Especially the octopus was a rather puny portion.

octopus and grilled bass @Las Olas

Still, it was such a memorable meal that even today I see myself enjoying every single dish. If you ever make it to Cahuita, Las Olas is the place to go for dinner. It might not be as low-priced as a soda, but it’s definitely worth every cent. Yours, Pollybert


Las Olas
70403 Cahuita, Calle Central (100m al sur de la estación de policía)
Thu-Mon: 07:30-20:30, Wed: 12:00-20:30

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