Just One Year by Penelope Ward: My first by this author and I was honestly a bit disappointed. Most young adult books come with a strong message. One I would have loved to get when I was at that age. Unfortunately ‘Just one Year’ doesn’t deliver. It touches various topics e.g. adoption, addiction, and self worth, to name just a few, but it doesn’t dive deeper. The book barely scratches the surface of any of these topics, which makes it fall spectacularly flat. No, that one was not a winner.


The Ratline by Philippe Sands: A non-fiction book about an Austrian Nazi who served as governor of Lemberg, and reads like fiction. Unfortunately all of it is true even though the love story between Otto and Lotte Wächter reads easily. It’s their beliefs though which makes it hard to stomach and everything that follows. The book focuses in the second part on ‘The Ratline’ which helped Nazis escape their true justice. All of it was fine with the knowledge and support of the Americans and the Vatican. Very interesting read!


The Invitation by Vi Keeland: After two non-fiction books reading ‘The Invitation’ felt like a treat. This romance had several laugh-out-loud moments and felt like a special treat after a dry spell. Stella and Hudson made an interesting couple, especially since they are only business partners in the first half of the book. The story was well written, the characters interesting and three dimensional, and also the secondary had something to add to the plot. A thoroughly fun read!


The Thursday Murder Club by Richard Osman: The Thursday Murder club consists of four elderly members of a retirement community. Elizabeth, Joyce, Ron, and Ibrahim bring different analyzing traits to the table so that together they are a force to be reckoned with. Despite a high body count there was not a lot of blood. Parts of the story were a bit farfetched, but overall it had several laugh-out-loud moments and was thoroughly entertaining. I can’t wait to read about the club’s next adventure.


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