Breakfast at Gregors Konditorei

How I ended up having breakfast at Gregors Konditorei is easily explained. Usually I make reservations when I go for breakfast. But in summer time lots of people leave the city, so it’s supposed to be easier to grab a table. Therefore I skipped the reservation. Too bad really, because the place I wanted to go for breakfast was actually closed for holidays. I might have learned that in the process. So since Gregor’s Konditorei was just around the corner, we had our Saturday breakfast there.

Gregors Konditorei @Vienna

With the word ‘Konditorei’ (pastry shop) I pictured a glass vitrine with lots of different cakes. Which it did, unfortunately I wasn’t in the mood to start my day with a slice of cake. Instead, both of us ordered fried eggs with bacon. Maybe not the best choice.

The eggs were nice enough and even had  sprinkle of chive on top. The garnish salad saw too much creamy balsamic vinegar though (wasn’t that a thing of the 90s?) and the bacon didn’t get enough heat in the frying pan. It arrived limp and undercooked. Overall, this was not a revelation.

eggs with bacon @Gregors Konditorei

The little Bundt cakes on top of the vitrine looked good though and maybe I should have just gone for something sweet. Gregors Konditorei has its name probably for a reason. Coffee was good and service was friendly. So maybe next time, I will just stick to what tGregors Konditorei know best. Yours, Pollybert


Gregors Konditorei
1050 Wien, Schönbrunner Strasse 42
Tel: +43 1 5441127
Tue-Sat:09:00-19:00, Sun: 10:00-18:00


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