Breakfast at Vanillas Schönbrunn

If the weather plays along, a visit to Vanillas can be one of the best things happening to you. The ice cream parlor which also offers breakfast and other snacks has a large terrace out front. Unfortunately on this Saturday morning it was grey and cold, and so we sat down inside. The soft pastel colors of the furniture though put you right away in a good mood. Too bad then that the breakfast menu is rather short. On the other hand, I could have actually read the menu before I made a reservation. But whatever, even though the variety of breakfast dishes was rather limited, we found something.

indoor seating @Vanillas Schönbrunn

Both of us ordered the Fiaker Frühstück. No idea what it has to do with carriages, maybe the name just derives from the proximity to Schönbrunn Palace. In any case all available options, except for the muesli, are rather rich. With two different kinds of rolls, two soft boiled eggs, and a plate full of ham and cheese, you don’t leave the breakfast table wanting.

Fiaker Frühstück @Vanillas Schönbrunn

The rolls had a nice crust, the ham excellent and a thick slice, and the cheese tasty. The soft boiled eggs right on point. Despite the meager menu, whatever Vanillas Schönbrunn brings to the table is excellent. The ice cream parlor with its short breakfast menu surprised me with the fine quality of its dishes. Definitely a spot you want to check out after a visit to the palace or if you are in the area. Yours, Pollybert


Vanillas Schönbrunn
1130 Wien, Hietzinger Hauptstraße 16
Tel: +43 699 19040047
Mon-Sun: 09:00-21:00

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