Gasthaus Schöne Perle

It was on a Sunday, a day I usually just stay home and do nothing, that I went to the Gasthaus Schöne Perle the first time. We hit it off right away. My meal at that memorable first time, was a green salad with warm potatoes, scarlet runner beans, and pumpkin seed oil. So simple, but such a great dish which is now part of my summer rotation meals at home.

outdoor seating @Gasthaus Schöne Perle

Since I was so pleased with this experience I got some more friends to come along for a second time. We skipped the starters and got a main dish each. I went for the fried chicken with potato salad, an Austrian staple and so good when done right. I loved it here as well and was very pleased with my choice. The chicken was juicy, the potatoes the correct kind and the dressing perfect. It came together on my plate in perfect harmony. This is how that dish should taste.

Steirischer Backhendlsalat @Gasthaus Schöne Perle

One of my friends got the delicious salad, but with goat cheese instead of the runner beans and grilled yellow pepper. Honestly, I was not impressed it since the cheese came in three thick wedges. It just didn’t look as good and also my friend couldn’t share my enthusiasm about the salad potato combination.

salad with goat cheese and grilled yellow peppers @Gasthaus Schöne Perle

Another friend got the falafel plate with salad, tzatziki, and hummus. Personally I found there was just too much of chickpea on the plate, but my friend enjoyed it a lot.

Falafel plate @Gasthaus Schöne Perle

And last but not least we also had a scarlet runner bean stew with pumpkin, sour cream, savory cheese, avocado, and a slice of bread. It looked like fairly big portion, but posed no such problem for my friend. Except for the bread, which must have been fresh the day before yesterday, it was a great dish.

Steirischer Käferbohnen-Kürbiseintopf mit Rahm, Bergkäse, Avocado @Gasthaus Schöne Perle

Gasthaus Schöne Perle is the place to go if you want to have plain fare in great quality at decent prices. Service was both times friendly and efficient. I will definitely eat here again. Yours, Pollybert


Gasthaus Schöne Perle
1020 Wien, Große Pfarrgasse 2
Tel: +43 1 8903204
Mon-Fri: 11:00-24:00, Sat-Sun: 10:00-24:00

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