The flowers of La Fortuna

One might think that one flower post from Costa Rica should be enough. Too bad, because I have so many pictures of all kinds of flowers from every place I went. and as you can see these ones here are totally different than the ones I have seen in Tortuguero and Cahuita. The flora in Costa Rica is so diverse that every corner looks different. So here we go with the flowers of La Fortuna and around. Since I have been on two different guided tours, one was an Arenal combo tour and the other a hiking trip to Rio Celeste, even though the flowers are from the same area, they are still differing. Like the bird-of-paradise flowers from the entrance at Mistico, the Hanging Bridges Park. Yours, Pollybert

tiny white flower @Rio Celeste

a furry bird-of-paradise flower @La Fortuna

looks almost like a primrose @Rio Celeste

two toned bird-of-paradise flower @La Fortuna

tiny purple flowers @La Fortuna

delicate lilac colored flower @Rio Celeste

more purple flowers @La Fortuna

beautiful orange and yellow flowers @La Fortuna

white flowers @Rio Celeste

little white flowers in the midst of red leaves to attract pollinators @Rio Celeste

bell flower @Rio Celeste

tiny white flowers @Rio Celeste

smallish purple flower @Rio Celeste

small white and purple flowers @Rio Celeste

these lilac flowers were hanging around the parking lot of Mistico @La Fortuna

white and pink flower @Rio Celeste

small pink flowers @La Fortuna

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