One Italian Summer by Rebecca Serle: The cover of this book features Positano, the Italian village on the Amalfi coast where the story is set. I was expecting something light and breezy, fitting with the current sweltering heat in Europe. But this book is not so much a chick lit with easy banter, rather a narrative about loss and finding oneself in all the grief. As much as I liked the main characters as well as the secondary, I missed the easiness of chick lit. Not the fault of the book, just my expectation from the cover.


Transcription by Kate Atkinson: Really too bad that ‘Transcription’ didn’t capture me. I loved Kate Atkinson’s book ‘Life After Life’, but this one just fell flat. I don’t really know why. Maybe because the main character just seems so spineless. I liked the idea of the plot line, even more so after I read the thoughts from the author on it. The fifth column was a real threat in England during WWII, but it seems sometimes downright silly. I just couldn’t get warm with it.


Once and Always by Judith McNaught: I am not really sure what made me pick up a romance novel again. But it appeared on my feed on phone app, and I live reading a book on it as well. The story of Jason and Victoria is really sweet although it has rather disturbing moments. Pretty sure the author wouldn’t write it the same way again today. Still, I loved it.  The characters were like able and entertaining. Why they always must draw the wrong conclusions, is beyond me. But I guess otherwise there wouldn’t be much of a story. Great read when you don’t want to think a lot.


Something Wonderful by Judith McNaught: Of course once I started reading a romance novel again, it turned out to be a trilogy. So here we go with book number two in the Sequels series. Jordan and Alexandra’s story starts in a really funny way. Because who doesn’t want to get saved by a knight in shining armor who turns out to be a girl? Lovely story, great characters, and overall a joy to read. One day on the couch was all it took. Haven’t felt that entertained by a book in a while.


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