Breakfast at Le Chéri

Doesn’t the name Le Chéri already sound promising? The French restaurant already let fresh croissants and other delicacies arise in my mind’s eye. Unfortunately that was only in my mind and didn’t happen in real life. Le Chéri is on the side of the big shopping complex Gerngross. Usually I wouldn’t go for breakfast at the mall, but Le Chéri is just outside. Part of the mall, but not completely.

Le Chéri from outside @Wien

When we arrived it was still dark and didn’t look inviting at all. But once we took our seat inside, the lights went on. All in white and soft grey colors, the coffeehouse feels quite luxurious.

indoor seating @Le Chéri

The menu looks promising with the nowadays obligatory eggs Benedict, some cold cut variations, as well as French toast, and some vegan dish. We went for Eggs Benedict as well as Avocat, the avocado version of it with smoked salmon. It’s all in the details here, the small flower vase with lavender, the soda in a carafe, the bread from Öfferl across the street, and the color theme mirrored in the dishes.

coffee and soda @Le Chéri

When the food arrived, I was pleasantly surprised. It looked delicious, even though I am not really sure what the seeds (it’s not poppy) on my plate were doing and why they even ended up on it.

Avocat @Le Chéri

Despite the seeds I dug in with gusto only to be sorely disappointed of Avocat. The slice of the announced crusty bread had the texture of a sponge cloth. Yuck! I can still feel the mush inside my mouth. This was rather gross. I also didn’t enjoy the vegetable chips (what’s with all this stuff on plate?), the salmon full of seed, and the lukewarm sauce Hollandaise and eggs. Ugh, an overall disappointment!

My friend didn’t fare better with his Eggs Benedict. Resting on a brioche were two poached eggs, with good quality ham (from Thum) underneath, and topped with sauce Hollandaise. The problem was again the bread. The brioche tasted as if from yesterday, like it had spent overnight in a plastic bag. Mushy and humid and overall just not tasty anymore. Also the sauce was a disappointment for him. Despite the good looks, Monsieur Benedict is not a winner at Le Chéri.

Monsieur Benedict @Le Chéri

I can’t say anything about the sweet dishes, honestly I was not ready to give them a try. And probably won’t do so in the near future either. Le Chéri is a relatively small place and quickly feels full. Three occupied tables and it felt almost crowded. Maybe it’s best to just avoid it. Yours, Pollybert


Le Chéri
1070 Wien, Kirchengasse 2
Tel.: +43 676 7771070
Mon-Sat: 08:00-22:00, Sun: 09:30-18:00

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