Arriving in Montezuma

I can’t even say what made me pick my next destination Montezuma. Until the day before I left Monteverde, I thought it’s on the mainland of Costa Rica. As it turned out, it was on the southern end of the Nicoya peninsula. I must have had something else in mind when I decided in La Fortuna that this would be the stop after Monteverde. Or maybe I just wanted to head for the beach? What does it matter in the end? None at all, because every corner of Costa Rica is beautiful.

leaving Monteverde @Costa Rica

Using again Interbus, we drove to Limonal, where I changed my bus to Montezuma and Santa Teresa. Everyone on the bus went to latter and I was the only one who headed to Montezuma. So eventually I left the bus and got a taxi all to myself for the last 10km.

My hostel for the next two nights was Luz en el Cielo. What drew me to the place was the possibility to sleep in a ‘treehouse’. It’s more a bungalow on stilts up at tree level. The check-in at Luz en el Cielo was fairly easy, but the walk up to my bungalow was almost hazardous. Especially with my backpack. I felt rather wobbly on the uneven stairs, a bit like being back on land after weeks on sea. The ‘hike’ was so worth it though, since the view from the bungalow was absolutely amazing. It looked out into a veritable jungle while one could still hear the waves breaking not too far away. Also it had by far the best toilet paper on this trip! And not just for the bungalows, but also for the people in the dorms.

the way up to the bungalow @Luz en el Cielo

the bungalow from below @Luz en el Cielo

surrounded by trees @Luz en el Cielo

After freshening up for a couple of minutes and enjoying the room unspoilt, I walked to the beach with my flip flops. After all, it was only about five minutes away. And all of it downhill. Once at the beach, I was impressed by its beauty. Not many people were around, which I thought was due to the high waves. It turned out though, that there were not many people in general. A really quiet beach town, with a couple of day tourists from Santa Teresa. The high waves and the lack of shade didn’t inspire me to an afternoon at the beach.

empty beach @Montezuma

Rather I decided to give the waterfall of Montezuma a chance. It didn’t look far away and was certain it wouldn’t be a big deal. Astonishingly, that didn’t really turn out to be a great idea. Maneuvering ‘the path’ in flip flops felt almost downright stupid. It reminded me of the time I went to the Calanques, also in flip flops, and once we arrived at the bottom gorge my friend said he hadn’t thought we would make it down alive. Great memories! Just in case you ever go there, come by boat, as does everyone else. But back to the waterfall. Eventually I managed to reach it by following some guys. Oh, to be young and thoughtless again, they didn’t break a sweat in their flip flops.

directions to the waterfall @Montezuma

I was sweaty all over, if from the heat or fear I couldn’t tell. In any case, I jumped right in. The water was rather dark and mysterious, but so nice and refreshing. I loved it. Too bad that after swimming only one round I was already worried about how to get back.

waterfall @Montezuma

When two girls left, I decided to stick with them. It always feels easier when you are in a group. But when we got two a crossing where you needed to hold on to a rope, there was an iguana on the other side which looked mean and scary. Nobody wanted to go first until a local guy came along with his dog. He was even walking barefoot and just jumped across everything. He wasn’t the least bit intimidated by the iguana although it opened its mouth, ready to strike. Turned out the animal had been in a fight and was actually bleeding on its head. Understandably that it wasn’t in the best mood.

After the little hiccup with the iguana, of which of course I do not have any pictures, the rest of the return trip seemed easy enough. The local guy with his puppy Duma definitely knew the best way to get back, and the three of us followed him like lemmings. Back on paved road, I turned to the beach, this time intending to stay for a while. More people had found their way to the water by then and the beach was alive with kids running around and friends sitting together. That was the busiest I ever saw it the whole time I was there.

more people on the beach in the late afternoon @Montezuma

I passed the rest of my afternoon at the beach and then settled for beer and CGS (corn tacos, guacamole, and salsa) in the bar right on the beach. A very satisfying dinner at Latino Beach Food I have to say. Yours, Pollybert

beach bar @Montezuma

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