Breakfast at Café Jelinek

Sometimes my friend hates me when I make a reservation for breakfast and he is not happy with my choice. As so happened when we went to Café Jelinek. The coffeehouse looks as if it has several years on its back. Which it probably does, but the upholstering of the furniture looks new and even more important, it doesn’t smell of smoke. My friend though finds fault with the glass cabinet, assuming that dust and germs from the ’60s are still inside. Never mind, sometimes one has to ignore the complaining and just enjoy the atmosphere.

inside the coffeehouse @Café Jelinek

I am glad we have a reservation, because within 30 minutes the place was packed. Furthermore, it’s not just the hipsters from the district, but also people who must know this place from decades ago. Our coffee arrived quick and with a large glass of water while we still looked at the menu.

coffee @Café Jelinek

The menu is short and exactly what you expect from a Viennese coffeehouse, so not really exciting. They do offer a vegan breakfast choice though, a nod to the changing times. We both ordered bacon and eggs, as far away from anything vegan as possible. Too bad then, that this really standard fare in any coffeehouse in Vienna, was not well executed. The eggs were over and the bacon under cooked. Even the bread was unappealing. I was stumped, how the kitchen could manage that.

bacon and eggs @Café Jelinek

Café Jelinek has the typical Viennese waiters, slightly grumpy and with an annoyed face. Still, service was quick and efficient. Overall a nice enough atmosphere to while away some time. Maybe not for breakfast though, or maybe we just ordered the wrong dish. Please note that Café Jelinek accepts only cash. Yours, Pollybert


Café Jelinek
1060 Wien, Otto-Bauer-Gasse 5
Tel: +43 1 5974113
Mon-Sun: 09.00-22:00

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