Breakfast at Parémi – update

The first time I had breakfast at Paremi, this little French bakery and patisserie didn’t offer any breakfast. Of course that’s already a while ago and a lot has changed. Nowadays Parémi offers breakfast, but they still don’t take any reservations. So be prepared to wait or come early. On this not so warm Saturday morning, we arrived early and got a table outside. When we left an hour later, people were lining up for a table.

outdoor seating @Parémi

The breakfast menu is really small. One sweet dish, one salty option, and some granola. Extras include all the viennoiserie from the glass display, tartines (open faced sandwiches), and some baguette variations. On this lovely morning I opted for the salty breakfast, which includes French ham and Saucisson, Swiss cheese from the shop around the corner, sheep cheese, a hard-boiled egg, confite tomatoes, fresh bread, and French butter. It not only sounds like a lot, it was a big plate.

salty breakfast @Parémi

The plate looked appealing even though the sprinkling of poppy seeds on top annoyed me. What’s up with all the French places sprinkling seeds over breakfast dishes? Also the parsley. It’s a nice touch of color, but it doesn’t add anything to the dish. Overall though I was happy with my salty breakfast. The baguette was crunchy and delicious, there was enough butter, and the quality of the ham and cheese was great.

My friend on the other hand ate a baguette with roast beef and was unhappy with his choice. Besides the beef there was nothing in the bread, and it tasted dry and boring. The meat was good, but it missed some kind of sauce or at least salad. Anything to get a different taste inside.

baguette with roast beef @Parémi

I did feel sorry for him, especially since my breakfast was very satisfying (minus the weird seed sprinkling). Overall though, there is no real French breakfast except for a croissant and coffee. So if you stick to that you will be happy here. If you are looking for a more elaborate breakfast place, you might want to go somewhere else. Yours, Pollybert


101 Wien, Bäckerstraße 10
Tel: +43 1 9974148
Tue-Sat: 07:30-18:00

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