The doors of Le Mans

Almost all doors from Le Mans in this post are from within the Cité Plantagenêt, the medieval part of the city. I love how varied they are and diverse in detail. Most of them are made of wood, but the colors and metal work show a lot of uniqueness. Let’s not forget the portals. There are some really stunning one in this post. And I am not only talking about the one from the cathedral Saint Julian.

light blue wooden door @Le Mans

wide enough for a car probably @Le Mans

big wooden double door @Le Mans

door and window all in one @Le Mans

almost overgrown by jasmine @Le Mans

must be the door to a cellar @Le Mans

light blue door topped by roses @Le Mans

Here are a couple of good examples for wonky doors. And before you think it’s my holding of the camera, please check the next picture. You can clearly see the black plank of wood on the left side getting wider on the way up. So basically it’s the whole house which is leaning.

leaning door @Le Mans

the portal looks straight, only the door is leaning @Le Mans

another crooked door @Le Mans

when the window is bigger than the door @Le Mans

this wooden door has seen better times @Le Mans

a lot of details on this door @Le Mans

the portal of the cathedral Saint Julian @Le Mans

these doors have seen a lot of history @Le Mans

simple door, but interesting guardian watching over it @Le Mans

The most historic door was the one from Berengeria’s house. Just look at the form of the portal. I am not sure how old the door itself is, but the portal at least could be from that period.

the door of Berengeria of Navarre’s house @Le Mans

The middle of the door looks like a really long sword, with an interesting head on top of the grip. Not really sure who that would be.

wooden door in light grey @Le Mans

green garden grille framed by lush foliage @Le Mans

two more really old looking doors and portals @Le Mans

door and window frame in yellow @Le Mans

another tiny door, maybe leading to the cellar @Le Mans

a wonderful frieze on top @Le Mans

green door @Le Mans

a door in bright sunlight with lots of shrubs around @Le Mans

modern house but still some guardians on top of the portal @Le Mans

another ‘modern’ house @Le Mans

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