Breakfast at MQ Daily

The last time I was at the MQ Daily had been years ago, probably long before I wrote a blog. At that time I had a table outside in the courtyard and soaked up the sun. No such luck this time as winter is upon us in full force. Therefore one had to wonder that the door to the courtyard was open the whole time during our visit. Shouldn’t we all conserve energy?

indoor seating @MQ Daily

Seating ourselves as far away as possible from the open door we ordered breakfast. My friend got a breakfast burger, while I went for the vegan breakfast with an extra fried egg on top. No one likes to be difficult, but vegan? That’s just not me.

The breakfast burger arrived and looked humongous. A thick bun filled with scrambled eggs topped with a melting slice of cheese, a slice of tomato, lots of ham, spinach leaves, and avocado. As nice as it looked, that was very difficult to eat and unfortunately rather bland. How that is even possible with so much goodness inside, I don’t know. But the bite I could taste, made me appreciate my breakfast dish. Although that one wasn’t great either.

breakfast burger @MQ Daily

My vegan breakfast consisted of a large portion of hummus on which lay roasted vegetables, olives, and arugula, topped with my requested fried egg. The egg was good and nicely fried. I really like it when it has a slight crunch and shows some color at the bottom. But the overall dish was just boring. There was not enough salt on the veggies and the hummus lacked seasoning as well. I ate the egg and some of the fried vegetables and left most of the hummus and the olives. This was definitely a portion to be shared.

vegan breakfast with egg @MQ Daily

Service is quick and attentive and overall it seems like a nice enough place. There is no need to come for the food, but in summer it’s a great place for coffee and drinks. Yours, Pollybert


MQ Daily
1070 Wien, Museumsplatz 1
Tel: +43 1 5224524
Mon-Sun: 09:00-24:00

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