Breakfast at La Mercerie

La Mercerie has already been around for a couple of years, but so far I have only managed to come here for a glass of wine or pick up croissants for breakfast. In all these years I never managed to actually have breakfast on premise. But this was about to change and on a recent Saturday we met there. La Mercerie doesn’t take any reservations for the weekend, so you need to either come early or take waiting for a table into account.

indoor seating @La Mercerie

We managed to snag a table in one of the big windows without trouble and when I sat down, I knew why. This was not only due to the early hour, it was also in regards to it being very drafty in this little nook. Regular clients apparently know that the window tables are best to be avoided in winter. At least I could help myself by stuffing my down coat as a buffer between the window and myself.

Once happily seated at the small bistro table, I perused to menu only to discover that there is no breakfast so to speak off. Not that this should have surprised me. The French are not known for their elaborate breakfast dishes. La Mercerie is in that sense very French. Coffee variations with baguette, butter, jam, and a croissant are available, as well as two kinds of scrambled eggs (plain or with truffles), and three kinds of cold spread boards (planchette). I opted for the one with cooked ham and pâté and the daily special. I was a little bit surprised that it was served with marinated lamb’s lettuce on top, but who cares.

Actually I cared. Because the salad didn’t work at all for breakfast. At least for me. The baguette on the other hand was perfect, with just the right amount of crunch. The ham was fine, the daily special was a some kind of salami, the pâté tasty. Overall a decent enough breakfast. Interestingly enough I totally loved the cornichons for breakfast.

one of the ‘planchettes’ @La Mercerie

My friend only got a ‘pain au chocolate’ (chocolate croissant). He was more than miffed that La Mercerie didn’t even have any almond croissants, especially since the breakfast menu was already so small. The choice of Viennoiseries is also quite limited with only croissants, pain au chocolate, pain aux raisins, and chouquettes. Too bad than that the ‘pain au chocolate’ wasn’t even warm.

half eaten ‘pain au chocolate’ @La Mercerie

It’s probably best if you behave like the French and only eat bread and butter when coming to La Mercerie. But honestly, I will carry on as before and just pick up my breakfast Viennoiseries and eat at home. La Mercerie is a nice enough spot for drinks, but there is no need to come for the food. Oh, and bring cash, La Mercerie doesn’t take cards. Yours, Pollybert


La Mercerie
1090 Wien, Berggasse 25
Mon-Sat: 08:30-19:00

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