In the Unlikely Event by L. J. Shen: I am not really sure why I started to read books by L.J. Shen. They are spicy alright, but her stories are always kind of weird. This one was actually a lot of fun and I especially liked, that even the dead people had something to say. But, and here it comes, I don’t understand why all books have the same pattern. There is always a misunderstanding which could be easily overcome if people would just talk to one another. This annoys me to no end that the story hangs on something so simple. Until it all just gets weirder and more absurd. Never mind, it was entertaining.


The Way I Used To Be by Amber Smith: The way I used to be: the story starts with an unsettling rape in the middle of the night. From that point forward everything unravels for Edy, because she can’t tell anyone her secret. Despite this hard topic, it’s a wonderful book. I never really imagined how a victim would feel except for feeling violated. That’s such a difficult situation to be in and nonetheless so many people experience it. According to RAINN every 68 seconds an American is sexually assaulted. So try to project that for the world. It leaves one speechless. That’s what’s so great about the book. It gives all the lucky ones, who never experienced such pain, a look behind the curtain and maybe some awareness.


Punk 57 by Penelope Douglas: the higher the expectations, the bigger the disappointment. It’s really too bad that I read such great things about this book, only to feel then cheated because I couldn’t say the same about it. The story of Ryen and Misha starts as pen pals when they are 11. So far, so cute. But even though they live only 30miles apart, they never meet, exchange pictures, or look each other up on Facebook. Unfortunately it goes on in this unrealistic tone, but mixed up with a bit of family drama, bullying, sexual harassment, death, vandalism etc. Eventually it just becomes too much. Still, I read it on the beach in a day. So at least it’s a quick read.


Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid: even though this was a reread for me in preparation of the upcoming series, I devoured it in one go. Maybe not as quick as the first time, I gave myself a half day more to savor it. Ha, but that’s not really a book where you can pace yourself. The story is just spiraling and the reader is sucked into the vortex. This fictional band and their problems makes just for one hell of a read. I loved the friendships between the women and the pettiness of some of the guys. It had again a wonderful time with Daisy Jones & The Six.


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