A day trip to the castle of Amboise

As interesting a Tours was, there was ample time for a day trip. Since Tours lies on the Loire river what better than to visit one of the Loire castles. Like the chateau Amboise, which is less than 20 minutes away from Tours by train. It’s almost longer to walk to the castle from the train station than the train ride itself. But eventually you arrive at the Loire, which you need to cross. This also gives you the chance to admire the castle in all its glory.

the chateau from across the Loire @Amboise

Of course the glory would be a lot bigger if the weather had played along with blue sky. But you can’t have it all. At least it was warm. The small village of Amboise was full of tourists in the old town, so we decided to skip the coffee and headed directly to the castle.

on the way to the castle @Amboise

Even though the castle is from the 15th century, the construction started at least during that time, it was remodeled again in the 17th century. At first glance, once you pass the entrance gate and the ticket office, it doesn’t look like much. But why should it, when you are only standing in the courtyard. Still, I was not impressed.

first view on the castle @Amboise

Unfortunately the Chapel of Saint-Hubert was under construction, so we couldn’t see the tomb of Leonardo da Vinci. Glad to say that I at least already saw his birth place.

The ticket included the gardens and the castle, so we started the tour and followed the masses. The castle began to look a bit better from the side. Here we were standing on top of the wall overlooking the Loire.

flags with the ‘Fleur-de-Lys’ in front of the castle @Amboise

looking down on the old town @Amboise

the train station is all the way back there @Amboise

Included in the castle visit was also a histo pad. The French really love walking around with a tablet and trying to find out how places most have looked in their own time. It actually made for an entertaining time while strolling through the castle. Even though most castle insides are boring, Amboise wasn’t that bad actually.

a hall with slim pillars @Amboise castle

my favorite wall decoration @Amboise castle

this room looks like from the 19th century @Amboise castle

a book from 1494 the time of Charles VIII. @Amboise castle

It must have been a good life inside this castle, because the view was amazing.

garden view from the castle @Amboise

wide angle on the garden and the Loire @Amboise castle

The best thing about the castle Amboise are the gardens though. So lovely to walk around, get some fresh air, and see so much green. This mass of green ‘ball bushes’ is really a sight to behold.

green ball bushes @Amboise castle

the castle garden @Amboise

Also once you are all the way at the end of the garden, the castle takes on a fairy tale look. Suddenly it appears pretty and twirly.

best side of the castle @Amboise castle

jasmine in full bloom @Amboise castle

Leaving the castle we arrived in the pedestrian zone of the old town. Right below the castle is a small shop that looks like a cave, which sells local delicacies. We got a glass of wine to relax and then I bought lots of foie gras to take home. Yours, Pollybert

ending the day trip below the castle @Amboise

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