More impressions from the Plantagenets tour in France

Even though we were chasing history, we saw so much more while touring the west of France. The west sounds rather grand, in the end we just managed a bit of France in the west. Looking back now on this week I can say with certainty that we only scratched the surface. This area offers a lot of sightseeing and not just for history nerds. So take your time and let yourself drift for a bit. You can’t go wrong with this corner of France. Yours, Pollybert

mixing the old with the new @Saumur

what France stands for @Saumur

a closed water fountain @Chinon

the rest of the Hotel de Ville @Saumur

small detail from a facade @Saumur

evening in Saumur @France

my favorite tree on this trip @Saumur

the streets of Chinon @France

a green oasis the river Vienne @Chinon

one can always find space for outdoor seating @Poitiers

New York meets Poitiers @France

The first morning in Poitiers I ventured out early and got us baguette, salted butter, and milk for breakfast at our apartment. It was the best experience ever, walking through the empty streets of Poitiers and then enjoying a leisurely meal with excellent baguette later.

not a lot of people around in the early morning @Poitiers

colorful pillars @Church of Sainte-Radegonde

the frescoes of the Baptistery St. John in all their glory @Poitiers

Église Notre-Dame la Grande @Poitiers

While in Tours I saw a huge cedar, a tree I love and admire since seeing some in the Lebanon. They are a dying breed at the least in the Middle East. But here in Tours this one at least was thriving.

a large and lonely cedar tree @Tours

I saw this painting somewhere in Tours in a gallery and fell in love with it. It’s just charming and makes me happy when I look at it. Too bad I didn’t buy it.

La belle rousse @Cédric Marcillac

A street sign with a new interpretation.

peace – old and new @Tours

This small house appears to be a church at first, but upon closer look it’s not. Turns out this was the portal of the Canon’s house of St. Martin. Basically close enough, still a religious building although for worldly purpose.

L’hôtel des Trésoriers de Saint-Martin @Tours

Timber-framed houses are around in abundance in Tours. Like these two side by side.

timber-framed houses @Tours

There is always a little bit of green coming from somewhere. so much

always a speck of green somewhere @Tours

Around this fabulous looking comptoir building in tours there are lots of restaurants and bars. All of them had a terrace, so of course we had our drinks outside.

many bars around here @Tours

The train station of Tours from the 19th century looks impressive from the outside, but even better on the inside. I like the many glass panels, which gives it a light and airy vibe. Too bad it was not sunny that day.

train station @Tours

In Amboise we finally managed a picture together, so here we are. Two girls on tour.

two girls on tour @Amboise castle

The castle Amboise had a small bird bath, which had one resident at the time we visited. The bird really had a good view on the castle from his bath.

bird bath with a view @Amboise castle

The delis in France sell a lot of interesting wine, champagne, foie gras, and so on. But most impressive was the choice of sardines.

choice of sardines @Amboise

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