What to eat and drink while on a history tour in France

While touring the castle of Chinon we stopped for sandwiches at the snack bar right on the castle premises. Not expecting much, we got an excellent sandwich baguette and washed it down with a cider. Honestly, that was really tasty. Sometimes you don’t need much to be happy.

the snack bar on the castle premise @Chinon Castle

baguette with ham and cider @Chinon Castle

In Poitiers, besides a delicious dinner at Auberge Chez Cul de Paille, we also had some crêpes. This staple food from the Brittany can be had all over France. You can’t go wrong with a buckwheat crêpe with a salad on the side. It’s always a nice lunch. We ate ours at the restaurant La Cuisine au Beurre.

crêpe for lunch @Restaurant La Cuisine au Beurre

The second evening in Poitiers we had dinner at the Restaurant Les Bons Enfants, which has really tight seating and seemed to be extremely popular as well. The style of the place and the food was totally different to the evening before, but also tasty in its own way.

dining room @Restaurant Les Bons Enfants

I liked the dessert, a large slice of Tarte Tatin, best. The rest was good, just not remarkable.

Tarte Tatin @Restaurant Les Bons Enfants

While in Tours we were twice at Le Tournesol, a bar at Place Châteauneuf. Once in the late afternoon for drinks and once for coffee in the morning. Both times it was busy and with good reason. Service is wonderful and the location is just perfect.

drinks @Le Tournesol in Tours

at Place Châteauneuf with the bar Le Tournesol @Tours

coffee time @Le Tournesol

Our last meal, but not least, we had in Paris. We arrived by train back from Tours and had a couple hours to tour the city. Not so much sightseeing, since we both knew the city. We ended up having an early dinner at ‘La Taverne de l’arbre sec‘ in the Rue St. Honoré. The bistro has a nice terrace and the Paté de Campagne was excellent. Also pricewise for Paris okay.

Pâté de campagne @La Taverne de l’arbre sec Paris

For Paris you need to be prepared. Without a clear plan it is very easy to fall into a tourist trap. We had already sat down in different place, but decided to leave again due to the prices. It makes sense to keep that in mind when you plan your trip to the capital. Yours, Pollybert

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