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Despite countless historical sites from the Greek and the Romans on the island of Kos, most people come here to enjoy the beach. As did we, an we managed to discover many different beaches throughout the week. The variety is a boon! No need to go to the same beach twice, if you rent a car. On the other hand some beaches are so wonderful, that you want to come back a second time.

Right below our hotel, about seven minutes on foot, was Agios Stefanos Beach. The name derives from a small church, the ruins of which are all around you. You can even spot some mosaics if you look closely.

Agios Stefanos with the beach in the background @Kos

the beach with Agios Stefanos in the back @Kos

The beach faces the small island of Kastri, apparently a popular wedding destination. I honestly don’t remember seeing a wedding, but in any case it’s close enough to swim over. If you do so, use shoes since there are a lot of sea urchins around Kastri island.

Kastri with the Agios Nikolaos chapel @Kos

The main beach of Kefalos is a bit further west from Agios Stefanos beach. It’s a sandy beach as well and has different vendors for sun chairs and umbrellas.

Kefalos beach @Kos

To be honest with you, we didn’t stay on Kefalos beach. We much preferred Agios Stefanos beach, especially east side of the ruins. Just a couple of hundred meters further, below the Taverna Katerina, is this wonderful beach.

the eastern side of Agios Stefanos beach @Kos

All the way to the west you can find Agios Theologos Beach. It’s another small beach with just a couple of sun chairs and umbrellas. Best part about the beach is the restaurant above, also named Agio Theologos. It is the perfect sunset spot on the island of Kos.

Agios Theologos @Kos

One of our favorite beaches was Tripiti beach though, which is just another two kilometers from Agios Theologos beach along a sand piste. The first time we parked the car next to a small chapel, halfway between the two beaches and walked the rest. Not really a successful maneuver since the member of the not so weak sex caught a heat stroke. The next time we drove all the way to the end of the piste and parked the car at the available parking.

Tripiti Beach from above @Kos

The guy who runs Tripiti beach has a couple of animals on top. A donkey, a turkey, some geese, a couple of dogs, which all make a lot of noise. Walking down to the beach though, we knew it was the right choice. Just a few beds were rented and it was very quiet below. There is also a porta-potti available. Going into the water is rough, the underground is stony on the main beach. But at the end of the narrow beach is a sandy bit, where you can enter easily.

Tripiti Beach @Kos

Another beach on the far west side of Kos is Limionas. The sandy beach here forms a small bay inland, which makes it perfect for families with small children.  Almost no wind and easy access into the water. This kind of pool keeps you safe from the waves. On the other side of Limionas beach is a second natural pool with mostly nudist sun worshipers. Limionas beach has a restaurant on top which looks after the guests on the beach.

Limionas Beach @Kos

the other natural pool of Limionas Beach @Kos

Last but not least we spent an afternoon on Camel beach. This beach is still in the west but already east of Kefalos. It has two restaurants on top, one of these services the beach below. The other, Jenny Camel restaurant, serves fantastic food. A serpentine sand piste leads down to Camel beach. We spent a very relaxed afternoon here on Camel beach, I especially liked the motorized service to get cool drinks. Very small beach with just a few people, definitely a place to relax.

the serpentine piste to Camel beach @Kos

All the way at the other end of Kos, but still on the southeast side, lies Agios Fokas. Instead of trying the natural hot spring Therma beach, which is also the end of the road coming from Kos city, we decided to go the beach club Agios Fokas. We passed on the way to the hot springs and it appealed more to us than the warm water. Swimming there was lovely, the beach is a mix of pebbles and sand with more pebbles though. Going in is not so easy, but eventually there is some sand. It was the perfect place to cool down after a day of sightseeing in the city of Kos. The beach club offers all kinds of amenities including great service of cold drinks and snacks, as well as a shower on the beach.

Agios Fokas beach club @Kos

Of course my list of beaches here is not complete. But these were the beaches that we visited during our one week stay on Kos. We aimed to explore beaches with few tourists and therefore a high chance of a relaxing beach day. All of the above places were wonderful, so no regrets of having avoided the beaches to the north of Kos. Yours, Pollybert

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