A week on the island of Kos – is it worth going?

Kos is one of the Dodecanese islands of Greece, which are all the way to the east right next to Turkey. It’s also one of the cheaper islands when you go for a package holiday. As much as I usually dislike these kinds of holidays, they are actually great value in Greece. You get a flight, the transfer, and a hotel accommodation. I like going for the cheap hotel category, because the basic rooms all have the same standard. A bed, a small kitchenette, a bathroom, and a balcony or a terrace.

I don’t need much more when you come to Greece, since the amount of time I spend in this room is minimal. It’s also best to book the accommodation without breakfast, there are usually many nice places around to choose from. We stayed at Maritsa Studios in Kefalos, a small village on the Western side of the island of Kos.

Maritsa Studios @Kefalos

On this side of the island, the western side, there is little tourism and even less traffic. The big hotels with the all-inclusive tourists are all on the other side of the island. Around Kefalos you will find a lot of of long-term tourists and expats (there seems to be a large English community). Most stuff happens on the eastern side, including nightclubs and other entertainments. That is also the area with many Greek and Roman artifacts, temples, and other ruins. Like the Roman Odeon in Kos Town or the Asclepieon on the way to it.

Roman Odeon @Kos

Kos is also home to a big castle, the Fortress of Antimachia. We spent a leisurely morning there, okay maybe less than that, because we had some shopping to do. But it looked impressive when we arrived. I wonder how hot it is to tour this landmark in the sweltering heat of summer. Everything was already burned and dry when we were there, and it was only June .

Fortress of Antimacheia @Kos

But besides an almost unlimited supply of old stones which you can turn over and marvel at, the best part of Kos are all the wonderful beaches.

Agios Theologos Beach in the background with swing up front @Kos

So is it worth a trip? Definitely! There is so much to do on this island, but it will never take away from your beach time. I feel as if I have seen a lot, but I also found time to relax. Kos strikes the perfect balance for your holiday. Yours, Pollybert

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