Breakfast at Familie Reiter

The 13th district is not really blessed with a lot places of for breakfast. There are a couple around the Hietzinger Platz, close to the zoo, but basically this district is a desert zone. So on a recent Saturday we trudged all the way out to Lainzer Strasse to sample the breakfast at Familie Reiter. The coffee house lies in the courtyard of a building from the Biedermeier era. I am sure it’s very pleasant to sit outside in summer, on this morning it was still a bit too cold for that.

outside terrace @Familie Reiter

The inside is a nice mix of different tables, chairs, and fauteuils. I liked it immediately while my friend called it the usual Boho style. Still, I am fond of that and also do not mind sitting a little bit lower on a couch table. But that’s not for everyone, so maybe mention that when you make a reservation.

indoor seating @Familie Reiter

As you can see from the picture Familie Reiter has an open kitchen concept. It didn’t disturb us during the time we were there, but there was suddenly a burnt smell in the air. So you can sniff out easily any error in the kitchen. My friend got ‘Speckige Eier’ (bacon and eggs) for breakfast while I ordered ‘Verlorenes Ei’ (lost egg), a dish that’s only available on the weekend.

‘Speckige Eier’ was not a winner. The bacon had clearly been fried sometime before it was served, first of all because there was no smell and secondly because it was too hard to cut. It looked dry like leather. The three eggs came in form of an omelette which was dry, served on a thick slab of bread. It was not easy to cut as well, there was a lot of struggling going on across from me. Weirdly enough the omelette had ham in it. We were not sure if this is how it’s served, or if this was a left over from another order.

Speckige Eier @Familie Reiter

Maybe if the bread had been served on the side with a piece of butter, the dish could be improved?

‘Verlorenes Ei’ didn’t fare much better. Two poached eggs came on two slices of the same thick bread with ham and topped with a fare amount of pumpkin seed oil sauce Hollandaise. It looked actually quite appealing but I found the sauce kind of boring, it missed acidity in my opinion. Furthermore, even though the bread was thick, it all felt kind of soaked. As if some water from the eggs had spilled over.

Verlorenes Ei @Familie Reiter

Honestly, I liked the place and I really wanted to give a good review. But the two dishes we tried were rather disappointing. The service was lovely though and the table was set already with a bottle of water and two glasses. Really, really considerate. I might not travel all the way through Vienna again, to check out Familie Reiter. But when I am in the area I will try one of their sweet breakfast dishes. Yours, Pollybert


Familie Reiter
1130 Wien Lainzer Strasse 131
Tel: +43 1 8025480
Wed-Sun: 08:00-16:00

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