Breakfast at Meierei im Stadtpark

Meierei im Stadpark is part of the Steirereck, the only restaurant in Austria that has received 100 of 100 points from the Austrian ‘À La Carte guide‘. Making a reservation there for breakfast was accordingly difficult. We only waited for about six weeks until a table on a Saturday morning at 9am was available. Upon arrival though it appeared that there are also walk-ins possible, so maybe just try your luck. The breakfast at Meierei im Stadtpark is definitely worth the wait though.

Meierei im Stadtpark @Wien

The dining room below is wonderfully bright and airy, in summertime the large windows are completely open. We got a table right in front of one of these windows and had a great view on all the sporty people about at this time.

dining room @Meierei im Stadtpark

Meierei im Stadtpark has an extensive breakfast menu, which includes also two breakfast combinations with five different dishes. These dishes can also be ordered separately. We ended up both ordering a combination, how often do you get a chance to sample so many dishes at the same time. My friend got ‘Meierei Frühstück‘, which included a ‘Fru Fru’ (soured milk) with fruit and granola, a cheesy omelette, a herbal curd with cured salmon trout and milk jelly, three kinds of cheese, and pancakes with a vanilla curd cream and a fruit compote. That sounds like a lot, but was easily ingested.

Meierei breakfast @Meierei im Stadtpark

Everything was delicious. The ‘Fru Fru’ got the remark that it was too liquidy, on the hand it is soured milk and not a yogurt, so it had the correct consistency. The milk jelly roll with the herbal curd and the salmon trout got rave reviews. Definitely the highlight of the meal.

The other breakfast combination is called ‘Steirereck Frühstück‘. It comes with a sourdough waffle with stewed pumpkin, bitter salad , and physalis, char tartar on blood orange couscous and bok choi, a soft-boiled egg in a glass with sour cream and shaved goose liver, ham with horse radish and puffed wheat, and a slice of lemon meringue tarte. That as well was not too much.

Steirereck Frühstück @Meierei im Stadtpark

Here again, everything was delicious. The char tartar was my personal highlight. The least interesting was probably the egg with the goose liver. But that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t tasty. It just didn’t shine as much as the rest.

Coming for breakfast to the Meierei im Stadtpark feels like a vacation while still at home. Everything is just a little bit better, including the service and the choice of menu. Overall Meierei im Stadtpark is a great experience, where you feel pampered during your stay. Just look at the pillowy formed butter and the hand-made rolls.

bread and butter @Meierei im Stadtpark

Meierei im Stadtpark is a lovely calling card for Vienna. High quality produce and preparation of food, while making sure to stay accessible for most. It’s coming right on my list of places to revisit again soon. Yours, Pollybert


Meierei im Stadtpark
1030 Wien, Am Heumarkt 2a, im Stadtpark
Tel: +43 (1) 713 31 68-10
Mo-Fri: 08:00-23:00, Sat: 09:00-19:00

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