Whitstable – a day on the north coast of Kent

Whitstable hosts a yearly oyster festival, which takes place in the second half of July. If you are a fan of molluscs, then this is the place for you. And even if you are not, Whistable is a charming little town with interesting shops like Ruskin and many seafood restaurants. If you don’t care about the seafood, come for the beach.

the beach during low tide on a sunny day @Whitstable

We went to Whitstable twice, because of the festival. On our first day in Kent we explored Sissinghurst and after that headed to Leeds castle. It’s not far away by car, but historically it’s on a different dimension. There has always been a castle in Leeds since 857. Too bad that today it’s more a ‘historic Disneyland’ nowadays. And so is the pricing, since you basically pay for a year. Therefore it didn’t really make sense to visit it and so we drove to Whitstable instead.

Rain caught up with us shortly after arrival, which made it a bit depressing on first sight. Most of the shops were closed and the weather miserable, so we went to the pub instead.

the local pub @Whitstable

Once the shower abated we walked along the coast and gazed at the endless sea and the wind park on the horizon. Even with a clouded sky it looked inviting.

colorful bathing huts along the beach @Whitstable

wind park on the horizon @Whitstable

more bathing huts and the endless sea @Whitstable

The advantage of a cloudy sky is the chance for a dramatic sundown, and we were not disappointed.

sundown over the sea @Whitstable

But of course Whitstable shines a lot more in sunny weather and even more so during the oyster festival. The town was packed and people were lining up at every stall on the oyster festival site, when we came back the next day. After a quick snack, consisting of lots of seafood, we walked along High street.

High street @Whitstable

Once more along the water and the many bathing huts and then we were off to new adventures. Yours, Pollybert

row of colorful bathing huts @Whitstable

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