Breakfast at Rondell am Cobenzl

On a recent Sunday morning I found myself at breakfast at Rondell am Cobenzl. The restaurant on the outskirts of Vienna, high above the city (or at least as high as it gets in Vienna) invoked childhood memories of taking the bus with my granny.

Rondell am Cobenzl @Wien

After a vigorous walk we would sit down for some coffee and cake, or in my case a juice. Since then a lot of time has passed and the restaurant closed for a long time. But with new owners came a new look by leaving the charming of yesteryear in its place. I felt right at home again.

inside @Rondell am Cobenzl

The breakfast menu is short with a couple of scrambled egg sandwich variations, quite a few sweet dishes, and three combos including a vegan version. We decided to share the scrambled egg sandwich with smoked salmon and the ‘Rondell Breakfast‘, which comes on a three-tier plate stand. Quite the looker actually!

bread with scrambled eggs and smoked salmon @Rondell am Cobenzl

‘Rondell Frühstück’ @Rondell am Cobenzel

Everything was delicious and of great quality. For a person alone the breakfast combo is definitely too much. Even with sharing the two dishes, there was enough left for a third person. If there is one complaint, then that there are only scrambled eggs available. With the eggs on the bread and in the combination, it was a bit much. I loved the avocado on the plate stand, it gave the combination a very wholesome touch.

view over Vienna from the terrace @Rondell am Cobenzl

The scrambled eggs had a silky texture and nicely seasoned. In combination with the salmon and the cream cheese with herbs, it tasted just perfect on this grey Sunday morning. The perfect comfort breakfast. Service was quick and friendly, but maybe a bit stingy with the water. I know we sat for a while  without ordering extra drinks, some more water would have been much appreciated though. Never mind, we liked our visit and so do many families from the area. Most tables had a reserved sign, so you’d do well to call ahead. Yours, Pollybert


Rondell am Cobenzl
Am Cobenzl 94, 1190 Wien
Tel: +43 1 288845510-1
Mon-Sun: 09:00-22:30

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