Belgium was the weekend for birthday celebrations. After a delectable dinner at La Bonne Chère in Brussels we celebrated another birthday with lunch at Fiera in Antwerp. The restaurant sits in the old stock exchange, building which has been adapted to today’s comfort level without loosing anything of its magical ambience.

first look inside @Fiera

dining area @Fiera

all is ready for diners @Fiera

We all ordered the three course lunch meal and started with a wonderful burrata, tomato fondue, king olives, and pane carasau, which is a thin and dry flatbread. The olives must have gotten lost somewhere, instead there was an artichoke and a cream thereof underneath the burrata. It was heavenly and at home alone I would probably have licked the plate. Here I just used all the bread the clean up the plate.

burrata with tomato fondue @Fiera

As main dish Fiera had a choice of bavette, which is a flank steak, or a monkfish. I ordered the steak and it didn’t disappoint. The meat came with asapargus, chanterelles, and potato and broad bean cream. Neither of those things materialized on my plate. The steak was definitely not a flank steak, but absolutely fantastic. The veggies came in form of a ratatouille with a small nugget of a potato gratin on the side. I don’t want to complain about the menu, but it was weird that every dish was different. Nonetheless, it was great!

steak @Fiera

The same thing happened with the monkfish, honestly I can’t even say if it was that fish or another. Instead of corn ear the fish came with asparagus, but by now no one was complaining. The food was just so good and I would eat everything the kitchen deemed to serve me. I can’t really say if the rest, which was promised on the menu, was on the plate or if it was served totally different. I do know though that my friend liked it a lot. No wonder, it did look most appealing.

monkfish @Fiera

For dessert we had cheesecake, which was not available anymore. So they brought out something different as well. I honestly don’t remember anymore and also with the visual support I can’t tell. It was also delicious though. Really, everything we ate here was just perfect.

dessert @Fiera

With coffee with got small chocolate balls, dusted in copper color, and other pralines. It was just the right size to end the meal on something chocolaty, which always improves the mood. Not that it was needed here, but lovely nonetheless.

coffee and chocolate @Fiera

I am not sure, why each dish arrived a little bit different than what was announced on the menu. The food was great, so it didn’t matter. Usually though I do like to know what is served, to make an educated choice. Fiera convinced us with its amazing food, everything else is irrelevant. Yours, Pollybert


2000 Antwerpen, Lange Nieuwstraat 14
Tel: +32 3 3692332
Mon-Sun: 12:00–24:00

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