What and where to drink in Antwerp

I was thinking about calling this post ‘What and were to eat in Antwerp’, when I realized that besides our fabulous lunch at Fiera we didn’t really eat anything great in Antwerp. We found a couple of places though with good drinks that for sure also offer delicious food. So maybe try your luck there. Yours, Pollybert

Upon our arrival in Antwerp we stopped first of all for coffee. Jam had a great location for people watching and also offered coffee with all kinds of milk. The sandwiches looked also good, although we didn’t try any.

coffee @Jam

Somewhere on Meir street we took a right on Lombardenvest and I think it was the second block, where we found a quiet courtyard in between a couple of stores. On of these stores had a bar where we got some beers to relax. Excellent spot when you are shopping, also great without.

time for a break @Antwerp

We also didn’t eat at Salon de Thé Claude, but we should have. It’s another courtyard with a very comfortable looking interior. All the cakes, which passed us, beckoned to me to eat them. But I saved my hunger for a late lunch.

Salon de Thé Claude @Antwerp

Lunch happened at The Bistro, a brasserie in the center of Antwerp. We ate two typical dishes from Flanders. Vispannetje, a fish stew in a creamy sauce with mashed potatoes and Rundsstoofvlees, a beef stew with chicory salad. The food was okay, but really nothing to write home about.

Vispannetje @The Bistro

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