More impressions from Brussels and Antwerp

The short trip to Brussels and Antwerp was a welcome escape from Vienna. Interestingly enough, even though these two cities are very close by, they are also very different. Brussels speaks dominantly French, while in Antwerp we noticed way more Flemish (aka Dutch). Also Antwerp seemed a lot more religious with many religious statues on facades or corners of houses. Brussels enjoys a more profane approach and puts bicycles up. In any case, these are the pictures which didn’t fit in any of the other posts. Please enjoy. Yours, Pollybert

a facade full of bicycles @Brussels

sitting outside is everywhere possible @Brussels

best way to spend a national holiday @Brussels

each house is different @Brussels

old narrow house @Antwerp

old and new @Antwerp

walking street with hanging green birdcages @Brussels

the former docks @Antwerp

a house in bloom @Brussels

beautiful Art Deco house @Brussels

reading a book about Burgundy while in Belgium @Brussels

shopping at Conni Kaminski @Brussels

rich houses @Brussels

enjoying the many greens around @Brussels

just somewhere on the street @Antwerp

the impressive tower of the Cathedral of Our Lady @Antwerp

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