The doors of Brno

The doors of Brno all have a quiet kind of beauty. All of them have glass inlays in some form. Some have even an additional window on top. Some are made from wood, others of iron with an intricate grille in front. Some doors have stately portals with large figures, male and female, guarding the doors. A couple of the doors even have a frieze on top. But none of them are boring. So please enjoy what Brno has to offer. Yours, Pollybert

an iron grille door inside the city hall @Brno

red door with intricate details on the portal @Brno

another door from within the city hall @Brno

magnificent portal @Brno

pillars in front @Brno

beautiful females guarding the door @Brno

white door with frieze @Brno

two female heads gracing the portal @Brno

plain door with clear lines @Brno

interesting overhead light @Brno

pillars and an overhead window @Brno

very modern looking white portal @Brno

brown door, white portal @Brno

round overhead window @Brno

pillars and overhead window, intricate details on the door @Brno

finally two man guarding a door @Brno

modern looking portal with large overhead detail @Brno

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